UPDATED 1984 Performance, 5/5-6 and 5/11-13 @ 7 PM

Courtesy of pgnewsbreaker.com:

1984 is an adaptation of a book by George Orwell, published in 1949. The story is based in London. Orwell wrote the book based on events he predicted in the future. The play focuses on a dystopian post revolution society run by Big Brother. The government being run by Big Brother is revising history and making it seem as if Big Brother has always been in control. The two main characters Winston Smith and Julia see Big Brother’s society for what it really is, an attack on individualism. Winston and Julia both join a group that doesn’t agree with Big Brother. The two of them want to make the government good again.

The play will be performed on the following dates: May 5th – 6th and May 11th -13th


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