Newsbreaker News: Badminton Club, the Best Club I

Do you feel an eager desire to play badminton? Or is participating in 8 clubs not enough and want to add one more club? Whether you’re joining solely because you love badminton, you want to show off your amazing skills, or because your friends forced you to come along, you...Read More »

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ASB Officers

ASB President: Kulaea T.

ASB Vice President: Aliya C.

ASB Secretary: Ashley L.

ASB Treasurer: Parker L. 

ASB Candidate Form ASB Club Charter Form
ASB Club Constitution and Bylaws ASB Club Tally Form
ASB Election Guidelines ASB Dance Contract
ASB Club Advisor Responsibilities ASB Dance Guest Contract
ASB Club Budget Form ASB Purchase Order Request for ASB CTE and Athletics
ASB Club Meeting Minutes Template ASB Request for Fundraising Event
ASB Cash Count Form ASB Reimbursement Form
Club Constitution Form

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