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Pacific Grove High School PTA

Welcome, Pacific Grove High School Parents, Staff and School Supporters!

I am the PGHS PTA president for the 2016-2017 school year. I want to personally welcome you all to Pacific Grove High School, whether you are a new or returning family to the school. I hope that your student’s experience at Pacific Grove High School will be, or has been, an enjoyable and memorable one. I would like to invite you all to become members of the Pacific Grove High School PTA, and to encourage you to support our organization, either with a membership, volunteer time, or with fundraising events and opportunities. Check-out our PTA Events Calendar and add them to your calendar to show your support.

The PTA provides support to all staff, students and families of Pacific Grove High School. PTA also provides a service to parents and students, acting as an advocate on their behalf with schools, school boards, and with the education branches of government at the state and national levels. The PTA sponsors groups, clubs and teams on campus, as well as staff, with monetary donations from direct requests to the PTA. We also support the Pacific Grove school community, along with other PTAs, including events such as the Butterfly Parade/Bazaar, the Monster 3K, and parent informational events like KidPower and Coffee with the Principal.

Please make sure to sign-up for your PTA membership to support our continued efforts to help Pacific Grove High School. PTA membership has its own benefits, with discounts available, and for Seniors, qualification for PTA scholarships. You can also support the PTA with its fundraising efforts by attending Dine-Out fundraisers at local restaurants, and linking an escrip account to local stores, like Lucky’s and online stores like Amazon.

On behalf of the 2016-2017 PGHS PTA, we would like to invite and welcome you to the 2016-2017 school year. With your help and support, we look forward to a successful school year for the PGHS PTA!

Audrey Kitayama

Pacific Grove High School PTA

President, 2016-2017 School Year


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2016-2017 PGHS PTA Executive Board

Audrey Kitayama – President

Tammy Stickler – First Vice-President

Treasurer – Bethany Rutberg

Secretary – Linda Lyon

Vice-President, Membership – Jodi Bitter

Vice-President, Fundraising – Ragni Coleman

Vice-President, Sober Grad – Debbie Crandell

Hospitality Chair – Lisa Hanes

Parliamentarian – MaryJo Moore

PGHS PTA Scholarship Application UPDATED 3-8-17

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PTA Meeting Dates/Agendas

9/6/16 at 5:30
10/4/16 at 6:30
11/1/16 at 6:00
12/6/16 at 6:30
1/10/17 at 6:30
2/7/17 at 6:30
3/7/17 at 6:30
4/4/17 at 6:00
5/2/17 at 6:30