End of Year Textbook Returns and Fines

Important Deadlines!

AP students need to return their books as soon as possible.

Seniors must be cleared of all textbooks/fines by June 1st or they will not receive their diploma.

All students must be cleared by June 2nd or they will be blocked on Powerschool, and their report cards held.

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Mathletics Competition Results

Congratulations to the five teams that competed in Saturday’s Monterey County Mathletics Competition.  Our individual and team awards included:

IM2:  Katie Hansen – Honorable Mention, Gavin Whiteside and Tanya vonGiese

IM3:  Elizabeth Lee – Honorable Mention and Tyler Smithtro – First Place

Together they won the 3rd place Team Award with Michelle Lee

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Cinco De Mayo 2017: A Multilingual Celebration

French and Spanish classes Celebrate “Ocho De Mayo” in the Library this year. Each year the French and Spanish classes join together for a cultural exchange of language, food and fun. Follow the link below for images!

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

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Students participate in the Nagasaki Critical Issues Forum

Sarah Bitter, Benjamin Jankowski, and Karinne Gordon represented our school and community at the Critical Issues Forum Conference, April 3-5, in Nagasaki, Japan. Along with their teammates, Eric Cuellar, Juliana Heritage, Henry Loh, and Zeus Marquez, they created a 15-20 minute presentation on this year’s conference topic: the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty...Read More »

Students selected for the Weston Portfolio Competition

©Sofia Chang - Pacific Grove High School

Four students from PGHS were selected as winners for their exceptional photographs for this year’s Weston portfolio competition!

Mark Michael
Jacob Alt
Elijah Taurke
Sofia Chang

All the winners will be on display at the Monterey Museum of Art. There will be an award ceremony and opening reception next Thursday May 11...Read More »

CHOMP Purchases PGHS Student Artwork

The art curator from CHOMP, Amy Essick, was invited to view student art because she is in charge of all the displays for the hospital and its surrounding office buildings.  Amy selected thirty drawings, paintings and 2D design pieces and offered to purchase the work from the students, then have...Read More »

Pacific Grove receives the Gold Ribbon Award

Courtesy of the Monterey Herald:

Pacific Grove High and Salinas High are among the 275 middle and high schools in California that have been chosen to receive a Gold Ribbon Schools Award. They’re the only ones in Monterey County chosen this year for the honor.

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Today's Bulletin

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