Newsbreaker News: Breakers With Shocking Loss to Soledad Before Shoe

Soledad – The Breakers Varsity Football team was astonished last Friday in the team’s second loss of the season to the Soledad Aztecs.

The game started out, once again, not in PG favor, with Soledad delivering the first touchdown to open the match. After Soledad scored the early lead, PG coaches remarked that the Breakers could merely redo their performance in Greenfield and, “had been there before.” In fact, both Soledad and Greenfield scored on the Breakers in the same amount of time across both games – just 11:46 left in the first quarter. Following Soledad’s first touchdown, on PG’s own drive, a Soledad defensive touchdown gave the home team a two-touchdown lead to open the quarter. Luckily for the Breakers, a rushing touchdown from Nick Coppla with 7:48 left in the first quarter ensured the Breakers would not be shutout. However, a foul on the extra point forced a rekick, leading to the Breakers missing the second kick.

The second quarter looked more hopeful for PG when a fumble recovery with 8:54 left in the half gave the Breakers another scoring opportunity. Unfortunately, the Breakers could not score at all during the second quarter. Meanwhile, Soledad added another touchdown with 3:21 left in the half, not to mention a two-point conversion, to send the Breakers into the half down two touchdowns.

The third quarter fared much worse, from a scoring perspective, for the Breakers when Soledad piled on two more touchdowns within about 4 minutes from each other to give Soledad the largest lead of the game: 35 – 6.

The Breakers managed to make a small run closing the point gap, but Soledad’s lead ultimately proved too large to close. With 7:30 left in the game Noah Cryns managed to get a rushing touchdown, but with a failed two-point conversion. The final score of the game was an 89-yard pass from Cryns to Coppla with 5:00 left in the game, and this time with a two-point conversion, to make the final score 35 – 20.

Of course, Breakers look to reclaim the Shoe Game from last year (5 – 4 / 4 – 2 MTAL). The Breakers play Carmel next week at Carmel on Saturday, November 4 for the Shoe Game.

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