Bill Nye Saves the World, the Anti-Anti-Science Show, Hits Netflix in April


“Like a nerd Batman responding to the call of a community desperate for scientific reasoning, the Science Guy has answered the signal. And if the new trailer for Bill Nye Saves the World is any indication, soon we will all be both a lot safer and a lot more entertained.

This first real look at what we can expect from Bill Nye’s upcoming original series from Netflix, which was announced last summer, shows that this talk show won’t be like any we’ve seen before. Instead of a normal set with a desk and a couple of chairs, Bill will be greeting guests in the coolest looking laboratory we’ve ever seen…

…Besides a wide range of guest stars like Alton Brown, San Francisco Giants slugger Hunter Pence, Scrubs stars Zach Braff and Donald Faison, Rachel Bloom, Diamond Stone, Tim Gunn, Wil Wheaton, Joel McHale, and Steve Aoki, Nye will also have a team of super science collaborators to help him work through some of the biggest topics facing the scientific community today.”

Stay Curious!

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