Boys Tennis, Truong Trounces York Foe

Breaker tennis star, Delbert Truong, played flawlessly on Wednesday, as he dismembered York’s top player, Alex Warzycki, 6-0 6-0, at the Pacific Grove courts. Warzycki had beaten Truong when they met at the start of the season.

“Troung’s game has moved up a level, both physically and mentally,” says Breaker coach, John Gruberg. “The only way you’re going to beat him now is to overpower him, but even Warzycki couldn’t do it, and he’s the biggest, hardest-hitting player in the league.”

Breaker Tennis hosts Alisal on Thursday and Hollister on Friday. Other players expected to see action are Min Kang, Tyler Nguyen, Elliot Cho, Simon Colburn, and Johannes Lim.

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