Breakers Club

My name is Staci Consiglio and I am your Breakers Club President.  I invite you all to join us as we celebrate more than 50 years of supporting Breaker Athletics!

Breaking News

Tonight I attended the Spring Sportsmanship Night where I announced the following:

Today I would like to officially announce that come this time next year I plan to be in the final transition stage of mentoring a new Breakers Club President.  I have been President since May 2009.  Next year, my daughter Rachel will graduate, and so will I.

Our mission throughout these years has remained the same:  raising funds to support all PGHS Athletic Teams.  We have succeeded in reaching goals to change the misconception that we are a group that supports football only.  We have successfully won over the hearts of our fans, supporters, visitors and neighbors by providing THE best concessions in the league at our stadium!  And, we have donated over $150 thousand dollars in the time I have been President.

Most of all, we have made great use of dedicated parent volunteers, Breaker Fans and  local businesses to innovate and improve our concessions menu, overhead costs, and hospitality.  It’s been my honor as President of the Breakers Club to be on this journey with you all.  It’s been hard work, but rewarding and fun!

After careful thought, I’ve decided that it is best for me to continue to lead in the coming year, and work diligently to mentor a new President.  Then I will hand the baton off.  Breakers Club has been around for 51 years, and I for one would like to see it continue.   The new President will work with you to ensure our traditions of fundraising including hosting our Annual Shoe Dance.

In the next few months, I hope we can identify someone with the passion to lead and delegate. Someone that I can mentor with time for overlap and a smooth transition when I step down in 2018.  Frankly, I feel the same joy and excitement today that I felt when I began as President 7 years ago. The time is right for a new leader to come forward to inspire and drive the Breakers Club mission onward.

Thank you for your continued support of Breakers Club and our student athletes! I will always treasure how we have, together, promoted athletics, hospitality, and sportsmanship.

Become a Member of the Breakers Club or Breaker Board

Let me start off with a common misconception… many people think that Breakers Club is here for football and basketball only.  That’s just not so.  Breakers Club is made up of parents, faculty, administrators, alumni, local businesses and fans of Breaker sports. We encourage all to be a part of Breakers Club and offer a number of membership levels.

WE HAVE IMMEDIATE OPENINGS ON THE BOARD. As with any non-profit group, we need a core of volunteers to navigate the group through the seasonal tides.  Each position has a one year term. There is no maximum number of terms one can serve. All positions are open each year for election/re-election.

Join Us at All Home Football Games

Football games do draw our largest crowds and Breakers Club Members and Football Parents volunteer at the Breaker Stadium concessions stand during each home football game. Therefore, we encourage all parents of all of our student-athletes to sign-up. Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and neighbors are welcome, too. Football concession monies make up a majority of our annual contribution to all PGHS sports.  We thousands of dollars each year. The money is portioned out to sports teams at PGHS by the athletic director.  In recent years we have donated more based on need and effort.  Effort comes in the form of membership support and volunteers in the concession stands.  This translates to more money available for your student-athletes and their sport(s). Additionally, if your student plays another sport that does not have concessions, working at the gym or football concessions is a great way to stay involved since your student’s team is still benefiting from the profits.

Join us at Board Meetings

Breakers Club meets the second Tuesday or Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm at the high school. We adjust the meeting days to try to accommodate all of our sports parents and so they don’t miss a game.   

Breaker Club Booster Form

Breakers Club Funds Request Form


The following are links for FALL (football and volleyball) concession volunteers. Concessions (particularly during football games) easily accounts for 40% of our fundraising efforts each year. Please share both links  with any/all sports families.  Breakers Club exists to support all athletic teams at PGHS.  A large check is written at the start of each school year and distributed by the Athletic Director to teams.

Volleyball Concessions

Football Concessions 

Save the Dates!

Breakers Club Meeting Thursday, March 16th at 7pm at PGHS Student Union.

We have 2 track meets coming up this spring and need to recruit board members.