Breakers Club


Jeff Erickson

Hello from the Breakers Club,

Please bear with me with this long email, I know, there’s numbers and math and it’s more than two paragraphs, but I hope you’ll read it until the end.

With the school year underway, and fall sports already in full gear, I wanted to take a moment of your time to update you on the happenings in the Breakers Club.

After 10 years of stewardship, Staci Consiglio stepped down as President of the club to focus more time on her family.  If you see her around town, please thank her for the countless hours she has put in and the tens of thousands of dollars she and past members raised to support the sports programs at PGHS.

With a new Board in place and new ideas brewing, you will notice some changes, including to the way funds are distributed to each team.  It is our hope to generate more interest in the sports program and in turn the Breakers Club. This year we have just over 600 students enrolled at PGHS comprising around 450 different families.  Historically 50% of all students participate in at least one sport with most of them participating in two or more. Of those 450 families about 25 supply a vast majority of the volunteer hours that allow the sports teams to function. The sports teams here at PGHS are completely self-funded and receive no operating money from the district.  What that means for students and parents alike is fundraising. From bake sales and spirit gear, to car washes and email donation requests the individual teams spend too much time and effort trying to raise cash to support their needs. So, we are trying something new. Parents who volunteer their time will earn credit hours. At the end of the year we will allocate our donations to each team by how many hours those volunteers worked.  As an example: if there are a total of 500 volunteer hours donated throughout the year by parents and we have, after our standard team donations, $10,000 left , each hour will be worth $20. That volunteer will be asked how they want their share donated. Half to lacrosse and half to swimming? Done. How about all of the money the volunteer earned going to Breaker Girls or Cheerleading? No problem. For the first time, Breakers Club is supporting those two teams as well. We will be asking for volunteers on Sign Up Genius ( and they will be on a first come first served basis. From concessions at the stadium or gymnasium to ticket takers or cleanup crews, all the hours will count the same.  This is a real opportunity for some of the underfunded teams to make a huge impact on their financial future.

Volunteering on site is not the only option, we are in dire need of a new website that all the teams can link to. This will be the sports teams’ one stop shop for information, fundraising, spirit gear sales and (hopefully) real time game updates.  Several of our teams depend on parent drivers, if you have time, and are able to become an “official volunteer” by getting a badge through the district office we would love to have you on call. Graphic designers are always needed to help with logos, designs and ideas.

The simple act of joining Breakers Club (see attached) and the monetary donation that goes along with it, allows us to purchase much needed equipment, ingredients and gear. While large donations are greatly appreciated, every little bit helps.

Please mark your calendar for November 2nd.  This is the date of our Annual Shoe Dance at Chautauqua hall.  This is an adult only party and the proceeds benefit all of the sports programs not just the football team.

Our principal, Matt Bell, often remarks how it’s not normal for a school our size to exceed as well as we do, not just in sports, but in academics and community service. Our students are a snapshot of our community, and so by extension, you the parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, friends and families are not normal as well, for you have mentored these children to be the young adults who will always be Breaker Strong and for that we thank you.

The Breakers Club

P.S.  I think I see a “Not Normal”  t-shirt in our future.

Become a Member of the Breakers Club or Breaker Board

Breakers Club is made up of parents, faculty, administrators, alumni, local businesses and fans of Breaker sports. We encourage all to be a part of Breakers Club and offer a number of membership levels.

WE HAVE IMMEDIATE OPENINGS ON THE BOARD. As with any non-profit group, we need a core of volunteers to navigate the group through the seasonal tides.  Each position has a one year term. There is no maximum number of terms one can serve. All positions are open each year for election/re-election.

Join Us at All Home Football Games

Football games do draw our largest crowds and Breakers Club Members and Football Parents volunteer at the Breaker Stadium concessions stand during each home football game. Therefore, we encourage all parents of all of our student-athletes to sign-up. Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and neighbors are welcome, too. Football concession monies make up a majority of our annual contribution to all PGHS sports.  We thousands of dollars each year. The money is portioned out to sports teams at PGHS by the athletic director.  In recent years we have donated more based on need and effort.  Effort comes in the form of membership support and volunteers in the concession stands.  This translates to more money available for your student-athletes and their sport(s). Additionally, if your student plays another sport that does not have concessions, working at the gym or football concessions is a great way to stay involved since your student’s team is still benefiting from the profits.

Join us at Board Meetings

Breakers Club meets the second Tuesday or Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm at the high school. We adjust the meeting days to try to accommodate all of our sports parents and so they don’t miss a game.   

Breaker Club Booster Form

Breakers Club Funds Request Form


The following are links for FALL (football and volleyball) concession volunteers. Concessions (particularly during football games) easily accounts for 40% of our fundraising efforts each year. Please share both links  with any/all sports families.  Breakers Club exists to support all athletic teams at PGHS.  A large check is written at the start of each school year and distributed by the Athletic Director to teams.

Volleyball Concessions

Football Concessions