Breakers Lacrosse Victorious over the Haybalers!

Courtesy of Neil McClaren:

Pacific Grove High School Lacrosse faced the San Benito Haybalers last Wednesday in Breaker Stadium under clear skies and rapidly dropping temperatures.
PG took the field for warm-ups wearing their new red shooting shirts with team motto “One Wave” printed on the back in bold gold symbolizing team unity, and reenforcing the unique bond that has been apparent with these players and coaches since they first met on the practice field over a month ago.
The first face-off win by #5 Caleb Torres moved the ball downfield toward the Haybaler’s goal within the first few seconds of the game. The play calls by Head Coach Schuyler Horn and his staff were just loud enough to be heard above the cheers from the PGHS and Hollister fans supporting their players from the stands. A quick pass from Kellen Damron to Parker McAnally resulted in the first goal by the Breakers offense in less then a minute into the first period.
The well-coached Haybalers “man” defense led by new San Benito Head Coach Chris Branon appeared to be a challenge initially for the Breakers offense. Double-teamed in many cases, Pacific Grove was forced to shoot from the outside when lanes and cut options were defended. A relentless combined total of 15 shots on goal attempted by Parker McAnally, Kellen Damron, Dylan MacLaren, Ben Minik, Caleb Torres, Jake Jansen and Blake Moore, earned the Breakers four additional points on the board as they headed into halftime with a 5-0 lead over the Haybalers.
San Benito came back strong in the third period with a face-off win ending in an unassisted goal by their senior Midfielder. Ground ball recoveries resulting in Breaker possessions by John Kerick, Caleb Torres, Cameron Marshall, Connor Brophy, Nathan Taormina and Jake Jansen played a significant part in the additional seven goals scored by Pacific Grove in the second half. This effort, combined with the “One Wave” support of all other teammates on the field, as well as those supporting from the Breakers sidelines, ultimately advanced Pacific Grove to a 12-3 win over San Benito.

The Breakers will host RLS in Breakers Stadium on Wednesday 3/27 at 7:15 PM. Come out and support Breakers Lacrosse!

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