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Newsbreaker News: PGHS Choir Annual Tour is a Success!

Courtesy of The Newsbreaker: At the beginning of last month, the Pacific Grove High School Choir had their annual tour to Southern California. The quickly growing choir, lead by Sean and Michelle Boulware, had prepared their outstanding repertoire of choral … Continue reading

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Library Link of the Day: Cornell Hip Hop Collection

It wasn’t long after its birth in the South Bronx in the late 1970s that hip hop exploded into a global phenomenon. And now, some 40-odd years later, hip hop music and culture is increasingly being taken seriously as a scholarly subject. … Continue reading

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Newsbreaker News: Chasing Success at 2019 CCS Honor Music Performances

Courtesy of The Newsbreaker: During the first weekend of February, students from the Breaker Band and Orchestra represented PGHS at the CCS Honor Festival, held at Hartnell College in Salinas. The group included some of the most talented students from … Continue reading

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Library Link of the Day: To Tap Into Your Creativity, Try Diffuse Thinking

Courtesy of If a work problem has you stumped, or you’re struggling with writer’s block, you probably need to rethink how you’re thinking. Seriously. There are two main modes of thinking, and one — known as diffuse thinking — … Continue reading

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Newsbreaker News: Monterey Holi-Bay Spirit

Courtesy of The Newsbreaker: “Every year, December inevitably brings the holiday cheer with it. Nowhere is this more apparent than in PG and neighboring towns, with local holiday events of all types throughout the month. One of the most well … Continue reading

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Newsbreaker News: You Can’t Rain on PG’s Brightest Parade

Courtesy of The Newsbreaker: “Pacific Grove’s 18th annual Parade of Lights took place on Thursday, November 29. While there was a chance of rain, various groups from the high school, including the Breaker Girls Dance Team, the PGHS Cheerleaders, and … Continue reading

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Library Link of the Day: For Sale: A Wood-Paneled Console That Helped Shape Classic Rock

Courtesy of Atlas Obscura: “IT TAKES MORE THAN GUITARS, bass, and drums to make rock music. You also need dozens of input channels, a small army of knobs, dials, and switches, and someone who knows how to work all of … Continue reading

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Library Link of the Day: There’s an Evolutionary Reason Why You Listen to Some Songs on Repeat

Courtesy of “The first time you heard Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off,” you barely noticed. Then the song made its undercover assault, seeming to play in every grocery store, on every radio, and in every TV commercial you saw … Continue reading

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3 Students Named for the 2019 Carnegie Hall Honors Performance Series

We are pleased to share that the selections for the 2019 High School and Young Adult Honors Performance Series programs at Carnegie Hall and Sydney Opera House have been announced! After a difficult review process, our Selection Board has chosen Finalists … Continue reading

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Library Link of the Day: Holograms, the ghost of Roy Orbison goes on tour – and some aren’t happy about it

Courtesy of The Conversation: On Oct. 1 the U.S. leg of the Roy Orbison hologram tour will kick off in Oakland. At each stop, a computer-generated hologram of Orbison will be performing alongside an orchestra and band. Back in January, … Continue reading

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