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Newsbreaker News: Who Dunnit: A Review of “Witness for the Prosecution”

Courtesy of The Newsbreaker: The Masque and Wig production of “Witness for the Prosecution” began as a play adapted by Agatha Christie in 1953.  The first performance of “Witness for the Prosecution” took place in London in 1953 and then … Continue reading

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Newsbreaker News: Monterey Holi-Bay Spirit

Courtesy of The Newsbreaker: “Every year, December inevitably brings the holiday cheer with it. Nowhere is this more apparent than in PG and neighboring towns, with local holiday events of all types throughout the month. One of the most well … Continue reading

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Newsbreaker News: How About Radishes For Christmas?

Courtesy of The Newsbreaker: “What do you imagine when one mentions Christmas? To most of us residing in the United States, Christmas evokes images of a snowy winter night, Santa Claus, and of course, plenty of meticulously wrapped presents under … Continue reading

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Newsbreaker News: You Can’t Rain on PG’s Brightest Parade

Courtesy of The Newsbreaker: “Pacific Grove’s 18th annual Parade of Lights took place on Thursday, November 29. While there was a chance of rain, various groups from the high school, including the Breaker Girls Dance Team, the PGHS Cheerleaders, and … Continue reading

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Yearbook Photo Contest, $1000 and a new camera! 3/1

Jostens Inc. is the company that produces our yearbook and they are sponsoring a photo contest. Prizes include $1000, a new camera and an exhibition in a photo gallery in New York City. Look for flyers around campus and as … Continue reading

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Newsbreaker News: Midterm Maelstrom

Courtesy of The Newsbreaker: As the midterm elections of 2018 finalize, Democratic gains materialize: the Democrats have currently won 32 seats in the House of Representatives, enough seats to ensure them control. While the Republicans still control the Senate, voters … Continue reading

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Newsbreaker News: Shoe Lost, Spirits High

Courtesy of The Newsbreaker: “Pacific Grove High students experienced an overwhelming and exciting week as the Shoe Game approached. Spirit week demonstrated student support for their football team and fun rivalries against the Carmel Padres. On Friday, enthusiasm poured out of … Continue reading

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Newsbreaker News: Mathletes Will Work for Pi (and Glory)

With the 2018-2019 school year beginning this past August, the Mathletes of Pacific Grove High did not miss a beat in starting their journey to victory in this year’s many looming competitions. The first meeting of the year took place … Continue reading

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Newsbreaker News: Local and Statewide Elections, Controversial Measures – Yes or No?

Local and Statewide Elections The success of the democratic process depends on the active participation of eligible, well-informed voters to ensure the selection of the best possible candidates for government offices. The most crucial positions currently pending are those of … Continue reading

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Newsbreaker News: Dear Donna, The NewsBreaker’s Newest advice column!

Do you have problems? Need advice? Look no further, for the NewsBreaker’s newest advice columnist, Donna Tella, is here to listen and help you navigate all your woes. Donna is ready to help you with your most difficult dilemmas: keeping … Continue reading

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