Newsbreaker News: Breaker Lacrosse vs. Palma

Courtesy of The Newsbreaker:

Going into the game at Palma High School, the Pacific Grove Breaker Lacrosse team has experienced an up and down season. The team had multiple wins against Christopher, Scotts Valley, Aptos, and Hollister; but after a devastating last second loss to Stevenson (score: 7-8) the Breakers were eager for a win. 

The first quarter began relatively uneventful, and the Breakers began to slowly fall behind, despite a goal from midfielder, #12 Parker McAnally, making the overall score 3-1. The second quarter began in a similar fashion and the Palma team began to expand their lead with connections from midfielder #24 and attackman #40. The breakers seemed to have hit a low, and after a second Breaker goal from midfielder/attackman, #5 Caleb Torres. The first half ended and Palma lead the game 6-2.

The third quarter began, and both teams had new strategies to achieve victory. The breakers knew they had to do something fast to win. #12 Parker McAnally inspired change when he possessed the ball near the sideline. The Palma coach yelled, “Push him out of bounds!” and as a defender came to stop him, McAnally destroyed the Palma player with an explosive hit! The breakers began to charge with connections between #3 Kellen Damron and #15 Ben Minik, for goals from Caleb Torres and Parker McAnally. Going into the 4th quarter the Breakers shortened the lead to 8-6.

 The final period was a stalemate, both teams struggling to score, until Palma expanded the lead to 9-6. The breakers fought hard. And after multiple defensive shutdowns by defenders, #10 Jake Haney, #21 Cameron Marshall, and #6 John Kerrick, the Breakers seized momentum. A final strike, consisting of a series of goals. Unfortunately, the Breakers could not clinch the game in time, leaving the final score as a Palma victory, 9-8. The Breakers attempt at the game near the closing minutes was valiant, but proved too little, too late.

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