Newsbreaker News: Join the “Buckets for Buckets” Campaign!

Growing up in the beautiful town of Pacific Grove, it is important to recognize the challenges of those less fortunate around the world. One commodity which we as Americans take for granted is the easy access and availability of clean drinking water. In an effort to raise awareness, Eli Elisco founded the Buckets for Buckets campaign at Pacific Grove High School.  This campaign runs in conjunction with the charitable organization, “Charity: Water”.

“Charity: Water” is a nonprofit organization that aims to bring clean drinking water, wells, and water filtration systems to impoverished regions and peoples around the globe in order to help supply the basic human necessity to those denied it.

This Campaign is led by Eli Elisco along with several fellow classmates. The campaign’s mission is to  raise money and donate all proceeds to “Charity: Water”. The funds raised are based off of the likes of our very own Varsity Boys and Girls Basketball Teams right here at PGHS. In short, money is raised through the donations of the teachers and other members of staff at PGHS who wish to participate and donate. The size of each individual’s donation is up to said individual, and a donation  is made every time a three-point “bucket” is made by either of our varsity basketball teams during all home games in an effort to provide “buckets” of clean drinking water to those in need.

So next time you are at a breaker game and one of our players splashes home a three-pointer, keep in that those points not only help out our team, but also our mission to end world thirst.

If you wish to know more about “Charity: Water” and their world-changing efforts, click here to see their website.

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