Newsbreaker News: Winter Sports Conclude

Courtesy of The Newsbreaker:

The second semester is well underway, and the winter sports trimester is concluding imminently. From soccer to basketball to wrestling, Pacific Grove athletes reflected on their training and competition November 2018 through February 2019.

Estefany Castillo (senior) and Gaby Giraldo (sophomore) led the girls’ soccer team as captains this year. Numbers were low this year, and the varsity team on occasion had to play with only eleven girls, leaving no one on the bench. However, this small team formed tight bonds over the season, and in the words of Giraldo, “in tough games we supported each other and kept fighting.” Giraldo also noted that “Soccer season is always a great experience…For next season though, we need to improve some technical skills.”

Pacific Grove boys soccer experienced great success this year, earning the top place in their league through their undefeated season. Freshman soccer player Anthony Biondi explained that “teamwork…led us to…wins,” but he believes better “communication could have…helped us beat the teams we tied.” The rest of Pacific Grove High School wishes the boys’ team luck as they head to the postseason.

Girls basketball also looks forward to playoff games in the upcoming week. According to senior Taylor Biondi, the “season has been full of ups and downs” but “we’ve worked really hard.” Biondi reflects that a challenge for the Breakers “was just figuring out how to play together as a team,” although they improved as the season progressed.

Sophomore boys’ basketball players Jameson Paull and Jack Canning explained to the NewsBreaker that the boys’ basketball teams (varsity, junior varsity, and freshmen) worked tirelessly this year and were tough competitors. However, they believed they could have worked better together and communicated more.

Finally, the wrestling team also concludes their season this month. Wrestler Sal Flores claims that wrestling “is not an easy sport” and “the real match is in your head.” He believes that for “being in a new league,” the team “did pretty well.”

Overall, the winter sports season has brought great success for the Breakers, with hope for more in this upcoming week. As winter sports transition to spring sports, the NewsBreaker wishes all the athletes luck in the new PCAL league.

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