Pacific Grove Student Art Competition Winners

PG High entered the Peninsula & Salinas Valley regional high school Art competition in the categories of Functional Art, Graphics and Painting producing 6 awards which recognize outstanding quality and craftsmanship.  1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners receive cash prizes and all winners receive award certificates at the ceremony on March 23.  If you know these students or have them in class, please congratulate them!  Their art is currently on exhibit at the Seaside City Hall gallery.

1st place for Functional Art:  Jewelry:  Michelle Flores
3rd place for Functional Art:  Jewelry: Parker Olney
2nd place for Graphics:  Kaysa Paulsen
3rd place for Graphics:  Veronica Rodrigez
Honorable mention for Graphics:  Avalon Rudnick
Honorable mention for Painting:  (collaborative work)  Keziah Yoo, Claire Wegant, Klaudia Jancy
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