Library Link of the Day: Worry over kids’ excessive smartphone use is more justified than ever before

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Courtesy of The Conversation:

Parents who fear their kids are spending too much time in front of screens now have more reason for concern.

New research funded by the National Institutes of Health found brain changes among kids using screens more than seven hours a day and lower cognitive skills among...Read More »

Newsbreaker News: You Can’t Rain on PG’s Brightest Parade

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“Pacific Grove’s 18th annual Parade of Lights took place on Thursday, November 29. While there was a chance of rain, various groups from the high school, including the Breaker Girls Dance Team, the PGHS Cheerleaders, and the Breaker Band, joined other local groups in...Read More »

Newsbreaker News: Kicking Off to a Good Start

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“The Boys Soccer team started its season on Tuesday, November 20. With practices starting several weeks in advance, the team was ready for its preseason games against Palma and CarmeL. Against Palma, the team faired quite well, coming from behind in the second half...Read More »

Newsbreaker News: Fall Sports Highlights

Courtesy of The Newsbreaker:

The first athletic trimester has already concluded, and winter sports (basketball, soccer, and wrestling) are in full swing. Sports were a little different this trimester, as Breakers witnessed for the first time the new PCAL league in action. After many years of the Mission...Read More »

Yearbook Photo Contest, $1000 and a new camera! 3/1

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Jostens Inc. is the company that produces our yearbook and they are sponsoring a photo contest. Prizes include $1000, a new camera and an exhibition in a photo gallery in New York City. Look for flyers around campus and as Mr. Morrison for more details!

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Volunteers Needed for Pebble Beach Half Marathon, 1/26

The vineyard vines Half Marathon at Pebble Beach®logo

Pebble Beach Half Marathon is on January 26th.  Last year PTA organized volunteers and received a monetary award which was used for the Prom! Click below to register for volunteering:

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