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Library Link of the Day: The 25 Highest-Paying Entry-Level Jobs for New Graduates

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Courtesy of Mental Floss:

When they finish their final exams, college seniors can look forward to job hunting. Roughly 1.9 million students in the U.S. will receive their bachelor’s degrees this school year, and while some new graduates may be happy to take the first job they’re offered,...Read More »

Senior Google Accounts Expiration, 6/14

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Attention Seniors:  Your school Google Accounts will be active for two weeks after graduation, through June 14th.  After that, your account and all Google Drive documents will be deleted.  If you want to save anything, be sure to copy those files to a thumb drive or online file storage.

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2019/20 School Year Immunization Form Required for All Students

Dear Parents, the attached immunization form will be required for the following school year for all students. Please contact Tammie Kirmil ( with any questions.

2019-2020 Immunization Requirements

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