Shimen International Kite Festival

Courtesy of the North Coast & Guanyinshan National Scenic Area:

“Every year kite hobbyists from all over Taiwan and overseas flock to Shimen Kite Park for this major event on the international kite flying calendar. During the festival the sky over Shimen is filled with kites of all shapes and sizes, including a variety of traditional Chinese kites and exotic kites. The event helps advance kite-making techniques and kite-flying skills,¬†making Shimen known all over the world.

The first festival was held in Shimen in 2000, and it generated a good response, attracting around 10,000 visitors. In 2001 it was affected by a typhoon but, after the worst had passed, still facing wind and rain, the festival went ahead, overturning some established ideas about conditions suitable for kite flying. For example, it showed that even if it is raining, if there is wind, stunt kites and large kites can still be flown (but not in thunder storms) and that, when there is no wind, indoor windless kites can be flown.”

Stay Curious!

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