Students win awards at Monterey Regional Art Competition

First Place: 2D Design:  Noor Karaki, Prosopagnosia

Congratulations to the following Art students for their award winning art in the Monterey Regional Art Competition hosted at the Seaside City Hall.  Please join us next Friday, March 15th, 7:00 at Seaside City Hall for the awards. With over 200 entries in the four categories, 9 of the top awards went to PG High!  Take a look at the attached slides of award winning art and congratulate the students you may know.

3D Design  

1st Place 3D Design: Tristan Parker-Lusseau, 1975 Muhammad Ali Everlast

Honorable Mention: 3D Design: Thomas Jameson, Frug

Honorable Mention: 3D Design: Taylor Biondi & Sheza Bukari, Fit for a Queen

2D Design

First Place: 2D Design:  Noor Karaki, Prosopagnosia

Honorable Mention: 2D Design: Leticia Ferreira, San Paulo


3rd Place: Graphics: Delson Hays, Multilinual Ocotopus

Honorable Mention:  Graphics: Paulina Garza, Oh, So Shady

Honorable Mention: Graphics: Aine Schlining, untitled

Digital Illustration:

Honorable Mention: Digital Illustration: Veronica Serrano, Golden Apple

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