What are you doing over Spring Break? We are going to Nicaragua for our 9th Annual “Cultural Experience”

I am PROUD to announce the following students and their parents have worked very hard for the past 25 weeks preparing for A Journey of a life time….

Adrian & Evan Clark, Tiago Tavares, Becky Phillips, Katrina Kitayama, Amaya Gameecho, Anna Tullius, Emma Evans, Leah Stewart, Camryn Wood, Taylor & Johanna Biondi,  DiAnna Gamecho  – NOT IN PICTURE – Ben Minik and Rotarian, John Mims

Along with 13 “on going projects”  we are taking the BREAKER SPIRIT WITH US and launch our 14th project!  Introducing a LEADERSHIP WORKSHOP – hoping the joy of the journey will have a ripple effect that will make a difference in a country that has given us PRICELESS GIFTS….
 THANK YOU to so many who has been a part of making this journey possible… We are so GRATEFUL for YOU HELPING US, HELP THEM! 
We are still in NEED of BASEBALL MITTS.….  if you have any that can be shared with others…. you will make the BEST GAME in the country happen! 
Any items can be brought to my office, no later than Monday, April 2
  We will travel this year, April 5 – 12, 2018
Please visit our website at www.task4younme.com to see all that MAKES A DIFFERENCE ON OUR CAMPUS, IN OUR COMMUNITY AND A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY!
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