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    Ms. DiAnna L.Gamecho
    831-646-6590 ex 6211
    PLEASE KNOW all absences and tardies (unexcused) MUST BE CLEARED WITHIN 72 HOURS, or it will automatically become truant.
    To avoid an “auto call/text/email” from the district office, always contact the Attendance Office as early as possible.
    If your student will be absent:
    ● Call, email, or enter it in the parent portal as soon as possible.

    If your student will be late:
    ● Contact me asap.
    ● Send your student with a parent note, or doctor note, to the office to check in and get a pass when they arrive on campus.

    If your student must leave early:
    ● Send them to the Attendance Office, in A-Wing before the school day starts to get an Off Campus Pass IN THEIR HAND. They can be meet you out front at the requested time.
    ● If it is a “last minute” appointment, contact the office and please bear with us to assist you as quickly as possible.

    KIND NOTE: Students are only allowed 7 absences per semester. IF a doctor’s note is provided (within 10 days) for any given day or period, that time is not counted against the student as “unexcused”.

    Please read the complete ATTENDANCE POLICY in the Student/Parent Handbook for more detailed information.

    Always happy to help!