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School Counselors

Pacific Grove High School Counselors are here to support students in three domains of counseling: Academic, College & Career, and Personal/Social. Each PG High student is assigned a counselor based on their grade level and will have the opportunity to work with each counselor for 2 years at a time. 
Margaret Rice: Grades 9-10 Academic Counselor (
Kristin Paris: Grades 11-12 Academic Counselor (
James Ehret: Outreach Counselor (
Audrey Cordova: Licensed Mental Health Therapist (
Janet Light: College & Career Center Technician (
STUDENTS: Counselors are available for drop-in visits before school, during break or lunch, and after school. Students may not drop-in during class time unless they need immediate attention from our Outreach Counselor. Email is a great way to connect with your counselor as well. This method will save you from missing valuable instruction in class and will generally provide the quickest response to your questions.
PARENTS: In order to ensure counselors can provide the level of services our students expect and deserve, we ask that parents/guardians please contact your student's counselor directly by phone or email as opposed to "drop-in" visits.